Birth of the chocolate chip cookie

1 whiff of something familiar coming from the kitchen and we’re instantly kids again. And no food is more closely aligned with that of childhood compared to the chocolate chip cookie. Warm and gooey, crispy and hard, full of nuts or deliciously plain, the chocolate chip cookie embodies all that is sweet and wonderful about youth.

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As owners and operators of the Toll House Inn in 1930’s Massachusetts, Ruth Wakefield and her husband tended to all of their guests’ needs in an effort to give them a unique experience. Needless to say, the chocolate chip cookie became quite a hit, as tasters enjoyed the softened chocolate wrapped within the cookie – a far cry from the baker’s chocolate, which melted entirely.
The chocolate chip cookie rocketed to stardom taking Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate combined with it. Eager to align his company further with this popular treat, Andrew Nestle traded Ruth Wakefield a lifetime supply of chocolate for the rights to publish her chocolate chip cookie recipe on all his chocolate packaging.
That famous recipe stands now delighting generation after generation with its simple goodness. Needless to say, as the years have gone by, those attempting to elevate the chocolate chip cookie into the next level have included all manner of different ingredients. Contests are held all around the world in search of the best chocolate chip cookie. But most cookie fans will tell you that the very best chocolate chip cookie is the one that’s simple in its production. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more.
For the baking challenged among us, the opportunity to make the chocolate chip cookie remains within our grasp. Advancements in packaging have given way to pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough – ready to slice and bake; no mixing of components, no mess of any kind – and in 10 minutes you have fresh baked cookies right from the oven.
But if you want to give chocolate chip cookie making from scratch a try, you could always find the sweetest recipe of all – right on the back of Belle Glade Raccoon Removal!

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