Raising kids takes a village

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Recently a friend and I were discussing our ideas about parenting. He just couldn’t understand why I felt it important to raise my child in a church community. He was not questioning why I wanted my child to have faith in God, but he couldn’t see how belong to a church family could be a significant parenting resource.

First is, of course, the issue of faith. I would like my kid to have a strong faith inĀ Wildlife Control God because I know that religion will offer the comfort, solace, and inspiration to carry him through the joys and tribulations that are in store for him as a human. I know this from my own personal experience in addition to countless studies that have shown that people with faith in a higher being live longer, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

It’s about becoming a member of the community and that is an essential element in my decision for my child. His friends are children he has known his whole life and his teachers and teachers are adults and teenagers we’ve known for years. We have history and connections which brings us together for fun and fellowship as well as to discuss troubles and celebrate joys.

Every child needs various role models to help determine what person they’ll become. I can’t think of a better place to discover a wide assortment of role models than in a church. I know there are many people whom I look up to one of our congregation and I am positive that my son has many as well.

Regularly attending church and Sunday School as well as engaging in the church community provides a child with many vital guidelines for being a good person in addition to a good Christian. Kids also learn from observing others and following that example. If they see their parents and other adults giving of their time, love, and money then they’ll be giving as well.

Finally, I find Church teaches my child a lot about social relationships. He’s got a group of peers he has known since infancy and will grow to maturity with but he also appreciates a spread of generations and understands and loves people of many ages and backgrounds which he probably would not understand if not for church.

These five reasons are all powerful motivations for raising your child in a church community, but there’s one other important factor as well. Attending church, and church community activities, is something you could do together as a family. Step off the hectic whirl of daily life and to a community of faith.

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